Friday, July 4, 2014


The weeks are measured by numbers. Running vernacular. 60/ 60/ 64/ 49/ 22/ 74/ 61(and counting). Interruptions in sleep patterns and mood swings. Thirst and hunger. Occasional doubts as to "Why?"

Bridge tempo on Wednesday. It was already furnace like hot at 8am. 3.5  mile warm up. Then 6 times up and over Snow's Cut Bridge which totaled 4.5 miles, in hi 33 minutes (7:20 pace).  Mentally playing with (and liking) this new concept of moving away from where I just was. That's all it is... moving away from where you are. Picked that up from a book excerpt in Running Times from an author named Mark Slouka.

Next day its a run thru the onset of an approaching hurricane. Back in the state park I observe how the sky turns more milky white and purply gray as it lowers and lowers til its not much higher then the tree tops. There are rumbles of thunder moaning ominously to the south. Then I hear a low rustle which quickly intensifies and moves toward me like a thousand little trains coming thru the woods... then the white is on me as the rains come pouring out of the sky like one big waterfall. As I run on the trails I think about the animals and how I feel more connected to them at such times. We endure.

12x 200m at Chappelle Park to celebrate the 4th. Its hot again. Its summer. Its mileage. Its a vision quest. Its where I want to be. Its where I need to be.

Happy 4th of July. God Bless the USA. Freedom.