Thursday, July 17, 2014


I question some days if in fact I'm crazy. More miles to run... specifically today its the 'ol 4.5 mile tempo on Snow's Cut Bridge. Which goes quite well despite my quads feeling like they are in a vise. Hi 31s, sub 7:10 pace in a hot sun and strong breeze. Repeating to myself over and over "keep churning keep churning keep churning"

On the last trip back across the bridge I look down at the gently flowing waters of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and think how quick it would all change if I jumped........ instead I spit in the wind and it flies out and off the bridge and downward and I wonder if it could hit someone down below in a boat or if it would just evaporate anyway by that point and how the lack of humidity versus a day with higher humidity would make a difference in all this...... 

But its a lot more than mathematical equations out here. I sense the math, the numbers of all of it... or the overall scope of this thing cant necessarily be quantified. And that's sorta of what perhaps I'm searching for?

Then I laugh with the thought that nothing really matters anyway.  Buddhist wisdom from those who sat under trees for years right? 

I'm merely scratching the surface.