Monday, July 21, 2014

New frontiers

Total mileage from last week was 80 miles. Most ever in my life. Capped the week Sunday with some hard bouts of running in Shallotte. Didn't get out until about noon, which placed me in the teeth of the heat/ humidity which has returned with a vengeance the past few days.

3 mile warm up then found a new spot to do speed work up behind the local elementary school (I had run striders on the grass in the front before). Mapped out a 1/4 mile "track" which went around and thru 2 somewhat neglected baseball/ softball fields and included a brief but holy 30 meters in the shade along the back woods line. Ran 4 400s at about 1:19-1:20 on a 75 second rest cycle which was enough to whip me pretty good short term. Was struggling the first slow mile or so back on the cool down run to regain a sense of composure.

Later ran a 5 mile loop which included about 10+ minutes of hard running in the low 6s pace wise. Felt like I had some good pop in my legs. But as with the afternoon work out I didn't want to completely drain the tank. Enjoyed the last easy mile thinking about how this was making it an even 80 for the week and a new mileage p.r.

Slept 10+ hours Sunday night, even though I had planned to get up early and try to get a long run in Monday am. Body really needed the rest. By the time I did get out after 11am conditions were nearly intolerable... the heat index in the mid to upper 90s. Gutted out 11 miles running interspersed with some walking. Wigged out a little on village point road at all the traffic blazing by. Literally yelled out loud "where is all this g$d d%$m F%$#*ng traffic coming from". A Fed -Ex truck stopped just down the road from me I initially thought to check on my condition

Training for an ultra is a slog and is not easy. There will be days like today. Part of the experience....we stumble, we grow. We get stronger mentally and physically.  But I've learned also its best not to force it on said days. Take what you can take and go home. Stick your head in the slop sink under a torrent of cold water and slug down your gatoraide.  Take off your squishy shoes and socks and get indoors to cool down.  There's miles to go before we sleep.