Monday, June 30, 2014

Late -night Running

3 hours and 27 minutes. Started the run at 1:30am. Headed up Canal Drive to the north end of Pleasure Island. Under the fishing pier then on to the sand. Nothing but the rhythmic sound of the surf rolling in and out, beating its own ancient time. A solitary light of a fishing boat out in the murky black colossal nothingness... which stretches to infinity and beyond.  A flashback to a night run last year with Natasha on Airlie Road... rounding a bend and seeing Gatsby's green light across the sound.

Out here on the perimeter... where tonite the sky is filled with hundreds of twinkling stars...  we is stoned immaculate.

Out here life seems like its suspended in a parallel galaxy. The lights of Wrightsville Beach appear in a slightly blurred haze several miles up the coastline. I can tell you they were there and I saw them but by the next day you or I may begin to have doubts about any or all of this ...

Its Cliff bars on the go and 3am cravings for a cold can of Coke.

Its total silence on the road save for the whap whap of shoes hitting the macadam.

Its when you start to catch a glimpse that God is inside of us and has been all along.

Its the lights of the Kure Beach pier stretching out into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean... as I lope on the sand and fidget mentally about how long it takes for 3 hours to elapse.

Taking stock and making calculations.

Not giving in

Feeling acutely alive and thoroughly exhausted.