Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pushing thru

Ran the Tri- Span 10k last Saturday morning in 40:44. Not an eye popping time nor a p.r.... but nonetheless was pleased with the outcome.  Enjoyed the total experience; time spent with my Dad (who ran a 24:44 5k as a 70 yr. old), friends old and new, and the camaraderie of competing in a tougher race. Its one of those races where you get a mile or two into this dog gone thing and ask yourself why in the hell did I decide to do this again ??

But I suspect the answer lies in the challenge to overcome obstacles and push thru doubts and limitations not only internally...but those imposed upon us by the three dimensional world. High humidity... long gradual uphill climbs onto bridges.  Out here you cant hide, you're exposed.  Moments of weakness turn into minutes and minutes and minutes of a slow suffocation of the will to compete, and the will do to one's best in the face of daunting adversity.  I know. I know because last year this race defeated me... I hit the mat and laid there thru the 10 count. Not this year I told myself.

Its what we all talk about afterwards. Man this course is one son of a .................

Went to the Blue Clay Park trails for the first time on Monday. Got there at 7am in a somewhat ill fated and doomed attempt to beat the heat.  Followed the intermediate trail and immediately fell in love.  Its twists and turns and sharp ups and downs thru the woods eventually trashed out my legs in a good healthy way.  The juxtaposition with the short stretches of single track thru grassy, flower dotted meadows was striking (and very hot in the sun). Saw a snake I had never seen before lazing on the edge of the trail.

Had myself prepared for the running apocalypse with a cooler filled with power aide and water bottles, cliff bars, and turkey sandwiches. Setting the goal as time on my feet again, not miles. Did a little under 4 hours. Put down another 6.5 miles then later in the day at the CB State Park. Trials of miles... miles of trials.

11 miler Wed am in the CB. Cloudy and cooler, felt like a mid summer oasis. Hellos and nods from some runners and bikers I passed.  The kinship of the road. Brothers and sisters. You don't get this kind of a connection unless you're out here in the elements. Pushing on. Pushing forward. Pushing thru.