Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yeah man

Not leaving stones unturned. Getting back at the ancillary work. Sweating out planks on my living room floor. Gutting out push-ups. Short walks and reminders to stretch on work breaks. Sticking with the plan.

Which consists short term of a lot of miles in 5 days this week. 10 mile cut down/ pace run (marathon-ish) this morning. Legs a bit fatigued... mind a bit fatigued. Stifling quickly any thoughts of cutting it short. Running behind a state park maintenance truck pretending its the lead vehicle in this race I'm winning...."Greg Zinner, the hometown kid living in Carolina Beach in the lead with 3 miles to go... winding back through the camp ground loop that he's so familiar with ..."

So familiar in fact that I'm starting to recognize campers who've been there since Monday. The lady at the white van who apologized for her young kid cutting in front of me. The campsite on the bend by the trailhead. That girl who seemed to be fighting w/ a guy in the morning... then later in the afternoon rode by me on bike wearing a bikini and smiled.

Changes in weather patterns. By jove it was a lot more humid earlier in the week. They all know this too I imagine.

Blue Clay trails with Natasha and Amanda. Miles. Miles. Time on feet. Water with ice cubes dumped in tastes like nectar from the Gods. Stories about fawns following and deer crashing into store fronts. An admission of solitary laughter in the woods when thinking about (yeah we get it).  Feasts at KnW.

Vision quest. I'd give you a day # we're on but I've blissfully lost track.