Thursday, June 12, 2014

200s and a little zen

Ran 4 x 200m, 2x 400m, 4x 200m at Chappelle Park this morning.  Ok workout; legs are still kind of beat up from heavier work load and mileage past 7-10 days. Plus the heat and humidity was up there again. Used my familiar "track" which is mostly grass and some dirt on the outside perimeter of a soccer/ softball field.

Clocked 43, 44 seconds on the first 2 reps thinking that I was running a little faster than I apparently was. Got them down around 40 seconds from then on, though I was thinking that the last time I ran 200s I was closer to the 35 second range. Ran both 400s pretty strong in the low 1:20s. About a 150 meter slow jog rest cycle.

On one of those recovery or rest intervals I was thinking about how not to think... just look at the dirt and the grass and let the mind go blank. Rejoice in the silence. Meditation seeks those empty spots. And its of little benefit to be thinking about the next one... it will  come and be there and you'll be in the breach again soon enough.

Sometimes running can strip things down so bare like that; or its sort of a conduit for being totally present in the now. Its a almost a mystical place where just about everything vanishes... except one's heartbeat, breath... and the feel of muscles propelling the body forward.