Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No Title

Sometimes I wonder what the end game is here. Not only in running but in life. Sure we're told its the journey not the destination right? 

Can we truly be without limits, to borrow the name of a local training group (which derives from a movie about Steve Prefontaine... who certainly did not subscribe to any notion of limits)

Ran an 18:24 5K this past Saturday, my fastest 5K time in close to 4 years. I'd like to think its a by-product of the past few months of training; the entire spectrum of running, ancillary work like strength/ core, better recovery habits, diet, ambition, spiritual seeking....

Not so secretly I'd love to quit my job and just run and write about running full time. Follow the "running waves" like a surfer follows the ocean's waves. I've already got 1 offer for an indefinite stay above a friend's garage in PA, in exchange for money to pay for air conditioning.  Also a friend's place in Colorado to use as training grounds for Iron Mountain.

25 miles yesterday. 20 early in the morning; first 10+ on the roads of Carolina Beach, followed by the trails of the CB State Park. Almost stepped on a baby copperhead. Stopped and watched it for a few moments.  Had a more of a burnt orange hue behind its head than the usual copper like color. I should have told it I was sorry... but I didn't see it in the dirt and sand of the trail until the last second.  Averaged hi 8s pace, legs held up. Mind held up.

Quicker 5 in the early evening on the grass around the CB Lake. Thoughts about all the time I spent out there in the dark and cold last December and January training for Gator Trail 50K. How nice the Christmas lights looked. Counting off laps (.67 around lake). What determination looks, feels, and tastes like.