Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 June 2014

The miles are adding up. I like to do the math while I'm actually out there running. 46+ this week, 107 the last 10 days... Ran hill repeats on Snow's Cut Bridge again this morning. Didn't get out there until after 11am. Was already about 80 degrees and quite sticky humidity wise. Plus a 10-20 mph breeze thrown in I suspect just for an added encumbrance to the day's proceedings.

It's also at points like this that the whole mental countenance of the little project I'm undertaking can get challenged. Weak spots can become exposed. Resolve can and will get tested. And words are just that; whether they be words written on the paper or words spoken by the mouth. Words don't get one over that damn bridge a 5th time.

I saw some pretty yellow flowers near the end of Monday's long run. Seeing them, acknowledging internally their beauty, grace, etc. helped get me to end of a 14.5 miler in the early summer sun.

Watched a large hawk one morning last week in the state park. Perhaps a red tailed hawk. It saw me and flew sort of parallel to the path I was on, then landed and perched on a tree branch.... and intently watched me as I slowly ran by and underneath. I could see the size of its beak. And thought man he could thrash me pretty good if he wanted to.

Some young man hollered "run Forrest run" by the CB Lake as I was doing my in and out sprints. A group of "tourists" asked for directions in the State Park... then saw me later on another trail (in which my immediate thought was you all didn't follow my directions or you wouldn't be here), whereupon one lady said to another lady "there's that runner again."

I suspect had one seen me later a small smile would have been etched across my weary sun beaten face.