Friday, October 2, 2015

Sloshing Along

8 mile run today in the rain.

Parts of the trails in the Carolina Beach State Park were flooded out. Mainly along the marsh lands that parallel and are back off the Cape Fear River in the southern section of the park.

I wore a lightweight and water proof jacket which kept me fairly dry, and a ball cap as well. Temps were fairly mild, which plays a large part in whether or not a run in the rain will be enjoyable or not. Today was definitely enjoyable. In fact it was one of those it's good to be alive type runs.

Especially back along the Oak Toe trail spur which travels almost right along part of the river's shoreline. A thick bank of whitish grey clouds hung low over the river. Sheets of misty wind driven rain fell a short ways down onto the surface of the river, which rippled steadily from the effects of the storm system moving up from the south.

The marsh and the river were almost sort of converging together from the edge of the woods about a quarter mile inland to edge of the river. I found myself splish splashing thru 6 inches to a foot of water, save for the one wooden bridge that goes over a small inlet. The pier at the trail's end was almost becoming submerged at it's farthest point, as the river was cresting fairly high.

And I had the park to myself, at least for the time I was out there I saw no-one. Just me and mother nature renewing our communion once again. Days like this I more acutely aware that I am provided with all I need at such moments in time. Maybe we truly are in our own heavens, and the trick is just to realize it as such.

Today I was able to reach out and touch it. Ended the run on the beach, while watching the waves unfurl, crash, and roll high up onto the sand...

Thank you.