Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall rolls on

Last Friday ran 3 threshold miles on the roads in Carolina Beach. Splits were 6:25, 6:18, 6:19. Felt a bit better than the last time I tried a harder tempo run, but I still didn't have what I would call my top end gear.

I think part of this is that I am still recovering from the high mileage of the summer, followed by a grueling 30 mile ultra in the Appalachian mountains Labor Day weekend. Recovering in the sense of being able to tap into those higher end yet controlled paces as I was able to better do during the spring.

But late Monday afternoon was a different story as I ran another quasi time trial through the 6k course in the Carolina Beach State Park that we will be using for our inaugural Cape Fear Flyers Monster Dash. Running 95% on trails (some of which consist of loose sand, or are literally covered in six inches of water) I laid down mile splits of 7:02, 6:41, 6:22, 6:32.  And felt like I was cruising at a fairly hard but not too strenuous pace and effort. Was pleased afterwards.

Took the older kids through the course then later at practice. Told them my time, and that its the current course record. Sarah correctly pointed out that I was the only one who had run it so far. They enjoyed being out on the trails and in the woods. Mixed in several one minute bursts of race pace running. Got back to the marina parking lot just before dark.

The weather really cooled off the past few days. What a welcome change from the warmth and humidity. Even put on a long sleeve shirt and gloves running Sunday morning in the State Park with Amie. Took her through some real water logged spots on the trails too. She toughed it out quite well.

Playing the fall race calendar by ear, and slowly upping some mileage. Doing some calf/ Achilles exercises and stretches to try and heal up my lower left leg. Perhaps it is slowly paying some dividends. The negative side effects of the sport we love.

Which helps us all appreciate the runs we do get in all the more.