Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rambles in the Woods

Meandering fourteen plus mile run today. Mostly on the state park trails.  Ran some hills again by Sugar Loaf  while trail blazing. Took some hills yesterday fairly hard, alternating between the front, shorter, steep trail section of Sugar Loaf... the deep, sandy back side by the Cape Fear River... and the longer, winding approach that comes up a trail from the one side. Dry heaved once or twice at the top. Yak. Good stuff.

Saw an egret today along an out and back trail that predominately parallels the Cape Fear River. Its snow white plumage striking against the backdrop of winter browns and dull greens in a swampy area. Stopped on top of a small footbridge to look at some sea foam stuck in the backwaters. And wondered how it got there. But there were small waves rippling along the surface of the river... as the winds drove down fairly steady from the unforgiving, cold North.

Caught sight of a few deer as well in a denser vegetated part of the park. Four or five of them scattered abruptly when they saw and heard me... heading for cover deeper into the woods. Sometimes I feel a little bad when I disturb them. I'm traipsing through their home.

Got a little cold and damp... hungry and thirsty too during the latter stages of the run. Plus I had a little canyon fever off the marked trails. Poor me I even hollered a little at God to help me out. I apologized later. I told my friend Corey I didn't think of slitting my throat like persons have been known to do in the Copper Canyons. Truth be told I was not in a canyon. But the sandy little hills all started to look the same...

The sun came out during the way back on the roads home... I picked the pace up and ended the run strong. Another good long run... well over two hours on my feet. After which I ate and drank. Was quite refreshing after an honest day's effort.