Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More miles & a little pain

My calves were killing me the last few miles of an eight mile run with my Dad in Shallotte Sunday. Running on the grass of people's front lawns by the road helped alleviate the pain a little. I told my Dad at the end of the run if he had wanted to go for a ninth mile he was on his own.

Training harder these days brings about a greater risk for injury as well as more attendant aches and pains. Its part of the process and the risk any runner takes when increasing their output. A well worn analogy in regards to over training and injury is a person reaching into a dark stove ... you know you've touched the flame when you feel your hand starting to burn.

But I've been using my massage rolling stick more not only on my calves but my hamstrings and IT bands. Also doing some light stretching most days.

Ran the five mile Brierwood loop Saturday bringing down the pace all the way to 6:04 the last mile. Digging in and gritting my teeth . Continuing to mix in some tempo and speed along with all the mileage... as most base building training plans I've read suggest doing.

Took Monday off. Try to do as little as possible on my feet or with my legs on days that I not only scheduled to take off... but that my body tells me I need a rest day as well

Today (Tuesday) and it was back to the Carolina Beach State Park... eleven miles total on the trails. Mentally putting together courses for Sunday's event with the WRRC. Last three with Patti who wants to run a ten mile race in April. Cloudy dreary, drizzly day... the woods are quiet and fairly still.  The camp sites are deserted.

Reading Born to Run again... thought about trail running scenes in the book and my own trail running in the present as I galloped along the single track trail by the Intracoastal Waterway.  Felt fortunate to have my own little paradise a mile or two from where I currently live.  Not all of us do.