Friday, January 30, 2015

New vistas

Lehigh River corridor in Eastern Pennsylvania

I think in order to run fast we need to learn how to run slow. This thought came to me as I was out on a slow paced recovery run on Wednesday. The last few years I have paid more attention to the overall aspects of recovery and how it affects our ability to become better runners. 

Looking forward to advancing ahead on my Vision Quest. New adventures, new dawns... dreams undreamed. Taking the roads less traveled.

This thing keeps me humming internally. Its a big reason why I get up in the morning. Challenging myself to see how good I can become not only as measured by the clock... but by what can't be quantified inside of me. Pushing up against and through boundaries I never knew existed.  New vistas stretching in all directions.  Whispers on the wind.

Wishing upon falling stars.

Living on the knife's edge at times. Physically. Physiologically.

Storing energy up inside of me. Letting it ooze out like sweet summer sweat on a long run through the woods. Planning trips. Eyeing races. Smiling sublimely like a wise idiot as it all continues to unfold. Believing in magic. And the kindness of strangers.  Realizing I'm not much different from the animals I see some days. Communing. Moving forward.

One step at a time.