Monday, December 29, 2014

Xmas in Shallotte

Got some solid mileage down in Shallotte over the Christmas holiday. Seven mile harder run late afternoon Christmas Eve after some torrential rains finally let up. Legs were pretty dead at the beginning of the run but I was determined for reasons somewhat unknown to push the pace harder.  At times I have to kind of wind my legs up like a coil... or pound thru the earlier miles when my legs feel sluggish and fatigued... to be able to get to where I can let it then unwind or uncoil pace wise and run faster like I want to.

Which did occur after a few miles and after I was forced due to a washed out road to detour my run. I think some days though... to return to said unknown reasons...I just need to feel the sensation of running faster and to work through the accompanying processes which correlate to and occur when running harder. IE changes in breathing, pulse, lactic acid build up. And mentally..  combatting or pushing through the VOICE that tells me to slow down, it hurts too much, you can't sustain this, etc, etc. Maybe I need to know that I can still do it.

Ran the five mile loop around the outer perimeter of Brierwood with my Dad Christmas morning. Told him at one point that I feel like through all the years of going to visit and running when there that I know almost every inch of this route. A car drove  by us later in the run and a woman rolled down her window and said "Merry Christmas" I asked my Dad if he knew who it was but he didn't.

The next day we did nine miles on a course that took us into the back country roads of southern Brunswick County. The miles rolled by smooth like the puffy white clouds drifting high up in the clear winter sky. Later I went down to Ocean Isle Beach and put down another six miles as the big orangey yellow sun fell towards the western horizon. Took a short walk onto the beach at low tide... soaking in the immense swath of ocean after another blessed day of some good ol runnin'