Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Ran a pretty good 5k race on Saturday. 18:38 chip time. Even paced miles; splits of 6:03, 6:03, 6:07. Last mile was back into a slight wind plus I had no one around me. But was able to push it pretty hard. Grade myself at about a B or B- for effort.

Feeling a stirring inside of me to get back more in tune with idea of a Vision Quest which I began last spring. Did culminate at least temporarily with the Iron Mountain fifty mile race

But now I'm longing to pick up her torch again and blaze forward into new adventures.  Of which I can't seem to be able to articulate into words. Maybe that's alright though. Its basis anyhow lies in the physical action of running. The mind and spirit will follow.

Of course time will tell. For now the plan is to base build and get the weekly/ monthly mileage totals built back up some more. Also staying diligent with and adding to the ancillary work. Free weights and upper body work with pushups. The core work doing sit ups and planks + the myrtle routine after runs. And adding back in some leg work like lunges and squats.