Monday, December 22, 2014

December runs

Two a days again on Monday. Eight miles in the morning, mostly back in the CB State Park. Foggy, damp, chilly morning. Back in the woods the grey white of the sky is like a marshmellowy pillow lying gently atop the trees. At one point I lose myself to the cacophony from a large flock of birds that I cannot see. As I run I just listen to them and the gentle thwapping sound my shoes make on the pine needle and leaf covered trail. 

The miles glide by like friendly guests at a dinner party.  I may linger for a moment... but then its a seamless transition to the next.

Added some sprints in the grass by the CB Lake when I was done. Watched some shore birds first for a few moments.  I knocked out another four plus miles later in the day, ending the run in a light shower... but beating the rain for the most part. Legs felt loose and fluid.  I opened it up a little but not too much. No need to today. Last week I ran two a days twice and picked the pace up a good bit on the second, shorter runs. Pushed through some fatigue Friday.

Ran eight miles Saturday morning with my Dad in the western part of the city of Richmond. Followed a route that I had run the previous winter while up there and staying in the same hotel.  Which led us to Deer Creek Park...a forested oasis in the midst of urban America. Recalled certain parts of the course as we ran... the narrow bridge over I-64, a steep half mile or so hill on the way back, the barking dogs behind a local vet's office. The labyrinth of gravel and dirt trails in the park. My Dad was real happy with the run afterwards.

We also had the fortuitous chance to see a hawk fly across the road with a squirrel in its talons.

Fifty miles week last week which is right where I want to be. Enjoying the process. Finding bits of peace and serenity inside the runs. Feeling grateful.