Monday, December 15, 2014

Night before

I like to listen and watch the ocean's waves rolling in the night before a race. Think about harnessing her brute power... storing it up and then unleashing it on race day.

The invisible energy between the moon and the water.

Feeling it inside of me.

Knowing that the pain will come. But not trying to dwell on it or think about it too much the night before. Visualizing hitting my marks... pacing, splits. Reminding myself again not to go out too fast. Perhaps seeing a quick flash of a clock time at the finish line. 18:XX  (5K)

Giving thanks. Giving thanks that I'm of sound mind and body and am blessed to be working off some nervous energy the night before a race. Never forgetting (even if not consciously thinking of) where I came from.

Seeking humility.

Feeling closer to God.