Monday, May 26, 2014

26 May 2014

Ran 5.5miles with my Dad the morning of Memorial Day. For a 70 year old he’s in remarkably good shape; however the sands of time have slowed his pace noticeably the past few years. Nonetheless he still has the competitive fire, and is perhaps the toughest runner I’ve ever met… as measured by the amount of effort he’s able to summon  when he lines up for race. Today for us it’s a pleasant 10:30+ pace, which also serves as an easy day for me.  

Looking forward to some days off and downtime from work to be able to really let it wail down in the verdant countryside of Brunswick County.   So far mentally and physically I’m where I want to be… spiritually a few paces behind where I’d like to be. Though that tends to be the toughest element to quantify… yet the most rewarding when we do experience those seemingly fleeting moments of ecstasy and bliss. 

It may be too much to dream about the nights ablaze with fire... as by day we diligently pursue our excellence.  God tends to be in the details, like clicking off miles in a tempo run at threshold pace. Sometimes it’s the aahh of wonder after we do what we previously thought we could not do.  Or some new insight we gain into ourselves or the world around us. An angelic whisper in our hearts.

Maybe it’s like the girl Jen said in Born to Run …that she hoped running more would eventually make her a better person.

Onward… one step at a time.