Sunday, May 25, 2014

25 May 2014

60 mile week in the books, highest weekly mileage total since last fall. Thursday did speed work in Chappelle Park. 8 x 400m on the grass, on about a 75 second rest cycle. Averaged about 1:24 per rep. Felt fairly strong and consistent throughout. Pretty warm, humid out as well (11-12 am). Met Natasha later that afternoon in Wrightsville Beach and ran/ walked another 7 miles. Part of which was done while pushing her baby in a jogger stroller. Which after awhile turns into a bit of an upper body work out on the arms, shoulders, and neck (especially when running into any kind of breeze). Drank a fair amount of water (by then it was close to 90 ). Was pretty wiped by the last time we went around the 2+ mile loop. Had run to the south end and back... which always reminds me of when I first moved to the Wilmington area.

10 miler on Friday, again in the heat. Even at an easier pace of close to 9 minutes per mile its a bit of a slog at times. Ran mostly off road on the inner island connector roads and the CB State Park trails. Took off Saturday. Late night at work on the Iron Mountain website looking at past results plus going thru pictures posted from last year's race and reading some of the race reports from fellow runners (links into their personal blogs). Interesting reading the experiences of those who attempted the 50 miler, which I plan to try myself Aug30. Stoked for the challenge.

Sunday did 9+ in Shallotte. Looped out to the West Brunswick HS, put down a lap on the track in 1:32. Ran a bit of a friskier pace throughout, averaging 7:35 mile. Closed on my parents' road at about a 6:15 pace the last 3,4 tenths of a mile. Thoughts early in the run of the road and how I can spit, curse, cry, wail, rejoice, etc. and it doesn't care. It repels it all without a response, as it has in the past, and will so in the future. In some sense its my best friend, because no matter what, its always there.