Friday, May 2, 2014

2 May 2014

Sometimes I wonder how much of an escape it is.. . all the running. But I also sense I’m escaping perhaps not from something but towards something. Something more wonderful, bigger…. perhaps more profound

Those were the thoughts I had one day last week while resting between sprints. Someone once asked me if I was running from something or towards something ... and it brought me pause. But there are days like yesterday that I don't really feel like putting my Sauconys on and heading out the door to run a few miles.  Plus do a 4 x 400m speed work session that I usually do a few days before an upcoming race... which I look at as sharpening the point of a spear before battle. So I do on occasion like yesterday question just perhaps what the heck I am doing out here, or maybe more to the point is just why am I doing all of this?

A few years ago I was reading in a blog by an old friend of mine Marlowe about an interview with the playwright  David Mamet. The context of which struck me and has stayed with me was he was asked why he did what he did... i.e all the writing. His answer was that he cant not do it.

So yesterday I got out the door and ran my miles and did my 400s... in the warm sun and high humidity... and didn't necessarily think about it all that much... and was pleased as I most always am that I had in fact done it and not shied away from it. The 400s weren't easy, but then again a lot of things in life that we strive for are not easy, and tend to challenge us in ways that ultimately if we complete the tasks, make us better people. And get us another small step closer to that more profound we are searching for.