Sunday, April 24, 2016

Oak Island 10K

Top 3 Males Oak Island 10K
Ran a 38:52.4 last weekend at the Oak Island 10k. 3rd place overall, and 2nd male overall. Won a beautiful framed water color painting.

Colder and quite windy morning. Fortunately didn't affect the race too much- but was tough at certain sections like between miles 2 and 3 which were right into the teeth of the wind. Before the race the Chittys, me and Makayla sat in the car to stay warm after we our packets.

Ran fairly even splits. Started out at about 6:20/ mile and continued with consistent miles in the 6:10- 6:15 range. Felt strong throughout- ran by myself from about the 2 mile mark on. Top 2 finishers were about 20-25 seconds ahead of me. Felt like I was closing the gap a little the last mile and a half or so, but couldn't make up the gap that had been established early in the race.

Crossing the swamps between miles 2-3

Felt like it was a testament as well that my training is right where it should be, and is paying some dividends. Especially the aerobic runs, and some of the lactate threshold runs that I've been incorporating more into my training plan.

Put down a 65 mile week this past week. Which included 20 miles on the Ashley High School track for Relay for Life. Longest run, and highest weekly mileage total since the end of last summer.

The Cape Fear Flyers track season has started as well. Which has kept me busy putting together a staff of 20-25 coaches, and preparing for my job as head long distance coach. Got in some harder 600m intervals on grass and dirt with some of the older kids Wednesday night. We'll be back at the track starting tomorrow night

Happy running, racing, and training all!  Enjoy the process-