Sunday, April 10, 2016

Into April

Post run- our last off season workout

4 straight 60+ weeks. Feeling good.

Looking forward to racing a 10K next Saturday morning at Oak Island. Goals are to be sub 40 (ideal goal sub 39), and place in the Top3 Males.

Getting ready for Track & Field season. Have a parents and coaches meeting this Monday evening. Been working with head coach Shawn to put together a staff of 15-20 coaches, and hoping for close to 100 kids.

Decided to donate a full scholarship for one athlete in honor of my Mom. Hope it can become an annual thing. Shawn told me of a HS Junior in Brunswick County if need of, and deserving one. So here goes.

Last off-season run was Saturday morning. Ran primarily with Owen, Cian, and Isiah- we got in 8+ miles and they were flying at the end. Paxton and Riley ran 7.5 miles- for Riley that is the farthest she has ever run without walking. Also Zach was racing the mile downtown while we were running in the Carolina Beach State Park. He ran a 5:28 on a road course that is not flat- and on a windier morning. Feel like the goal of the off-season program has been met. That several of our kids are in good shape heading into the start of the season.

As for me been getting more aerobic running and some lactate threshold mileage as well. Ran 4 x 1200m Tuesday evening w/ a 400m run/ rest- though keeping the recovery pace at a decent pace, not a slow jog. Concept (recovery not slow) picked up from the Jay Johnson fartlek type workout where alternates between hard (say 10K pace) running, with the recovery staying up at a steady state type pace (say 1/2 marathon+).

Thursday evening went 11.5 miles total. 1.5 mile easy warm-up, followed by my 10 mile CB- North end loop. Worked the pace down til at miles 5 and 6 I was running low 7s. Then ran the next 3 miles at lactate threshold, averaging about 6:20- 6:25/ mile. Tough- solid, draining work-out. But again reminding myself during the harder grind to run fast, but in control.

Followed that with a 10+ mile run Friday evening in 1:21. Closed the last 2 miles in the 6:50s/ mile. Sort of a medium- hard run on tired legs, to kind of gauge recovery fitness and see where I'm at in terms of work load and its effects on overall fitness.  Something I like to do on occasion when I feel I'm in better shape, and/or getting close to a down or reduced mileage period. Which I plan on doing next week.

Saturday morning another 11 miles, 3 + 8 miles with the Flyers kids and fellow coaches- all on the trails of the CB State Park. Then capped the week with 13 miles running with Amie on roads and trails.

Happy running and training my friends, keep challenging yourself-