Monday, November 16, 2015

Some changes

Have gone back to a lot more stretching, similar to what I used to do in high school. Basic exercises to work mainly on my hamstrings, quads, and calves. Am cautiously optimistic that this is helping my lower legs, specifically my left achillies, and outer sole of right foot heal. Time will tell.

Also though, and in conjunction with some reading I have been doing, and ancillary work at Flyers practices, I am revamping how I look ay myself holistically as a runner and an athlete. I've caught myself at times and realized that I don't have as full of a range of motion as I would like to have, or should have. Or to state another way, my body is so conditioned to run and move in the planes of motion,, legs, arms etc, that it takes to run. But faced with a physical task, and it doesn't have to be demanding, that deviates from what my body is hard wired to do, it can be more difficult than it should be. And/ or such activities expose glaring weaknesses I have either strength wise, or range in motion wise.

And sometimes it just takes a new approach or outlook on how one is going about their daily routines to interject a shot of new life into their overall running and fitness program. Get a little bounce back in the step. For me the genesis too has been running in pain often, and finally getting around my sometimes own pig headed -ness to change what I have been doing.

Monday morning got in about 7 miles total. Ran a 2.5 mile easy warm-up back into the Carolina Beach State Park. Then ran 5 minutes at a fast 5k pace x 2, with a 5 minute slower recovery jog in between. Felt pretty good, pacing fell around 5:50 per mile for the 2 fast segments which equates to a low 18 minute 5k time. Going to get a couple moderate paced 800s in tonite at Flyers practice, then likely take tomorrow off. Planning this week for my first 40+ mile week since the middle of August. Praying, hoping, and working towards doing that with less and less pain and discomfort.

For new challenges always lie ahead...