Thursday, November 5, 2015

2 Tough Miles.

Been staying in Shallotte and running the Copas Road 8.5 mile loop. Sunday morning I added 5 pick-ups of 2/10s of a mile at about 5k race pace at the start of each new mile. Felt petty good, but was a warm, humid morning. I chided myself shortly into the run for not shucking my shirt at the start. Back in Pennsylvania, we would have referred to such as weather as "Indian summer."

Took off Monday and Tuesday as the warmth and the sun were replaced by clouds and a deluge of rain. But the Gods of Nature can work in our favor, or do things for us that we seemingly can't always do for ourselves. Which in this case was to take some needed rest.

Wednesday morning ran a moderate effort based 5 mile cut-down on the Brierwood loop. Started the run in the mid 8s per mile, and ended in the mid to high 6 minute range.

Flyer's practice then later in evening. Set up a half mile course around the perimeter of some soccer fields to mainly take advantage of the lights that ring the complex. Plus to keep the workouts on softer surfaces, and avoid the macadam and asphalt by the schools.

Workout called for 2 x 1600m with a rest interval of half the mile split time. Ran very hard at the beginning of the first rep to stay in front of Dakota and the rest of the fastest boys in order to direct them around the course. But it was a good exercise in being able to take a punch run wise, and not hit the mat. Or to simulate what happens when we would go out too fast in a race, and have to quickly navigate through the unyielding demands of oxygen debt.

On the far back stretch, and in the darkness (the lights had been turned off along the far end of the adjacent soccer fields) I was able to regain some modicum of control, and settle into a tough hard pace while following behind Dakota and Thomas, two seniors in high school. I had a brief flashback to running the 1500 meters in Myrtle Beach last June, when I clung to the backs of Thomas and his two brothers for 3 and 3 quarters laps.

Ran the first 1600m (or in actuality a mile per my garmin) in 5:35, then after an all too quick sub 3 minute reprieve, ran the 2nd 1600m in 5:39. I let my mind sort of check out for a good bit on that one, and just let the legs and body take over and pull me through.  Sometimes it's best to just to strip it down to its barest essentials, and let our animal like, primal instincts guide us through the undulating levels of pain and discomfiture.  Or if we check in, its on the most basic terms like how much farther is left to run.

Added 5 striders for good measure after the 1600s, and had a nice, easy cool down run with Paxton and Elle.

This morning I ran an easy 4.5 miles thru the fog and mist... clearing out some of the lactic acid from yesterday's tribulations.

Going to rest Friday, and perhaps race Saturday. Blessed to be living the running life.