Monday, November 30, 2015

Black Magic

I was running pretty hard thru turn 3, but felt sort of like I was floating. 150 meters left in the 3rd of 5 800m repeats we were running. Dakota, Owen, the Avery brothers,, and me... 5k pace... but a bit faster, knocking them out in the 2:45- 2:55 range. Coach Beth read out the times at the start/ finish line after each lap. She had 4 separate timers going on her smart phone.

But right then and there as I watched the track continuously pulling back away and under me... as it also simultaneously kept stretching forward... the phrase black magic suddenly came to me, like seeing a comet flash across the dark sky. Black magic. The track. What a name.

Running under the lights. Multiple groups of us running 800s at various paces and rest cycles. The younger kids running 400s, staying mostly in the grass so the older and faster didn't run up their small backsides.

Owen blew by Dakota on the last straight away. "You little $%*" was his response between gasps for air after we finished the rep. He was laughing about it. But a little serious too. Paxton cracked, "hey a 7th grader beat ya." "I know," said Dakota, with hands on his knees... he's a senior in high school as are the Averys.

Paxton started singing a Christmas carol, Jingle Bells... I chimed in and sang along. She was in jeans with a boot on her right foot, severs disease flared again last week. But there she was out on the track helping time, encouraging, cheering... being a kid and having fun.

After the last 800 Owen told me he negative split them all. A year ago he wouldn't have known what that meant. Maris asked me how fast was her fastest 800?  I estimated 3:07. She turned and proudly told her Dad. Riley on a cool down lap told me she PRd the 800 tonight, while adding how she wasn't fast. That doesn't matter was my response.

Later on the drive home it hit me how blessed I am certain nights. How I get to be right where I am supposed to be in those given moments. I got teary eyed...for this little running life I have stumbled upon is the gift that just keeps giving.