Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Oh summer

Summer blasts on. Some days she is relentless with her heat and incessant humidity, here in the South land. But we did get a bit of a reprieve of late. Alas her fiery, firm grip returns again, like we all knew it would. And we are left to fend for ourselves in the breach; afternoon temperatures in the 90s and heat indicies over 100.

Still I slog some late afternoon and early evening miles, some days with Peyton around the Ashley High School grounds before track practice. The high school cross country kids have begun their voluntary work-outs, a signpost that perhaps their is a light at the end of summer's long merciless tunnel.

I talked to old Bob this morning about Tri-Span Saturday. He joked about needing to start early in order to just finish the 10k. I said the good thing is plenty of liquids on the course. But we both agreed about how tough running on the far side of the Cape Fear River is. You are exposed, there is scant shade... the heat radiates off the asphalt in sinister, unforgiving waves. The humidity lies along the river basin like an invisible, heavy wet blanket... threatening to choke the life out of even the most hearty of folk.

But we love it, right?  For it gives all something to talk about over post race refreshments downtown... back on the slightly more forgiving side of the river. Where there is some shade from the buildings and trees.

And as runners we don't duck challenges. We revel in them, and sometimes extoll the virtues of having the fortitude to overcome... or at the very least, in attempting to overcome the best way we know how. That is one foot in front of the another.... trudging along.