Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good vibes

At times I catch a glimpse into this portal whereby I am almost unbreakable as a runner. Perhaps this is naivety and foolhardy; in fact on some levels I know it most surely is. But... I love when I feel like if I strap shoes on my feet and propel my legs into motion... I can run, run, run.

I can go long. I can run fast. I can run up a mountain. I can run in the heat. Sometimes my legs get going and its almost like I can fall into sort of a cruise control. Or I can shift at will, little faster, little slower. I'm controlling this "thing".

That is not to say I do not encounter my fair share of aches and pains. Tired, sore legs. Sluggish body and mind. No... these become a bit common place when putting down a lot of mileage. Maybe I just have become a little better at handling it, or working thru stuff when it inevitably occurs.

Ultimately it's a great feeling, for like most euphoric states on mind, body, and spirit though... it can be fleeting.

And I seemingly can eat whatever I want whenever I want to.

Today, life is good.