Friday, October 3, 2014

The Spirits increase

Back in the CB State Park running on a rather warm and muggy early October morning. Taking notice of all the small yellow and light purple flowers which  pop up seemingly at their own whim. Their colors stir in me some primal urge to be forgiven...or maybe to not have to be reminded of  the natural, simple beauty that is all around us.

I feel like I've been taking more than I've been giving of late, especially in regards to other people. Sure I have not been feeling well the past several weeks; vertigo and headaches, and a head cold that effectively took away my voice the last few days. Still though I feel this is but a crutch to excuse poor behavior...and today while running in the woods, without having to express it thru conventional language, I felt as though the God I continue to strive to find understood this. And said without saying that it was all ok. You're human and fallible. I can and will forgive you.

Somewhere I read that a trick to life was getting the present moment right, mentally and spiritually. One of the best by products of running is the ability to often times do just that. By being present. By being aware of our internal mechanisms moment by moment, or by being acutely aware moment by moment of our surroundings. Like all spiritual insights into right living, it can be rare and fleeting...though seemingly at our finger tips. Which makes the taste oh so sweet when we do find ourselves in such a state of being.

On my way back out of the park I crested up and over Starvation Ridge as I've named it...and wound along one of my favorite sections of trail towards Walden Pond { named by me as well}. I saw an egret at the edge of the pond...its white plumage striking against the background of greens and browns. I thought about all the birds in the novel Chesapeake I just started to read, and how things may have appeared  hundreds of years ago in the wild. And what runners or travelers had passed through this very spot many many years ago... quietly enjoying their own revelries with the world about them.