Monday, October 27, 2014

HappY Running

First 40 mile week in almost two months last week.

I ran along side a butterfly for little while today. A bright orange and black one. Saw a bald eagle and one large deer Saturday morning in the CB State Park. Colin and I bush wacked it trying to follow and catch a better site of both. In between conversations about quarter mile splits, mile repeats, lifting weights, ultras...

Nice for a change not to have any specific races I'm training for on the calendar. No 20 miler I cant miss or speed work to be endured on a cold, rainy day. I can sleep in... or run a harder six mile cut down run like I did Sunday morning... closing with a 6:18 last mile. Counting it off a tenth of a mile at a time the final half mile. Finish strong, run thru the tape...

Hatching ideas/ plans to run races up in PA in 2015. Finding and reading thru old race results on the internet. Texting Paul. Checking how friends did in the Marine Corp Marathon.

Getting excited. Falling in love again and again. Running is a gift that seems to have an inexhaustible supply of giving. Which can be as simple as feeling good on a winding trail in the woods. Just for the moment things are alright man. We'll keep stretching our wings... heading towards new horizons, dreaming new dreams. Filling up scrap books of memories... peppered with joy, sweat, and a little bit of pain.