Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snapshot - training.

Post long run. Me, Amie, Peyton

Good stretch of running, specifically work-outs completed.

2/18: Track meet. Hoggard High School.  800m 2:25, 1600m 5:35

2/20:  Run for Ray Trail Race: 8+ miles, 61:00+.  Hard race effort, moderately technical trails, lot of small hills and turns.

2/23: 4.3 steady state effort on Fitness Trail (7:25, 7:08, 6:59, 6:32).  Legs recovering from Ray+ windy/ rainy morning.

2/26: Progression run. 20 min w/u. 20/10/5/5 minutes at progressively harder effort and faster pace. Last 5 minutes at mid 6 min/ mile pace. 15 min c/d. 9.7 miles

2/28: 16.2 mile run. 8:21 pace. Southern Brunswick County. 3/4+ of run on soft surfaces (mostly grass) side of roads.

2/29: 9 miles, mostly Carolina Beach State Park Trails. 2 x 1 mile hill circuit. 5 x :25 striders at < 5k pace.

3/2: 4.7 miles steady state roads Carolina/ Kure Beach. (6:38, 6:41, 6:52, 6:38, 6:45 (pace)). Last 2.7+ miles into 10+ mph wind.

Overall, I feel pretty good. Legs have a fair amount of pop in them. Slowly increasing mileage. Averaging 1st 2 months of 2016 43+ mpw.  Health is pretty good. Some on and off pain inside right leg above ankle. Occasional discomfort returns in left achillies tendon and bottom of right foot.

Solid core work, and some upper body strength work. Consistent general strength and mobility work post runs. Lunge matrix+ leg swings most pre-run

Diet: Pretty good.  Am trying to cut back on sugar.

Mental outlook: Excited about training. Feel energized with how training philosophy has evolved to where it is today. Increased emphasis on aerobic and long runs. Dilligence and attention to ancillary work especially gsm and core. Looking forward to Flyers track season and coaching long distance team.

Upcoming races: Cardinal Strut 5k this Sat and Lo-Tide 5k next Saturday. Not focused too much on specific times.  Looking forward to racing with/on Cape Fear Flyers teams.

Happy, healthy running and training my friends- May you enjoy the journey you are on.