Friday, March 11, 2016

A Dumb Run?


Perhaps. I set out late afternoon Wednesday to run about 8 miles, with little thought of doing any of it at a harder effort. To put in context: this week is to be an easier week volume and intensity wise. I'm coming off a 5k race last Saturday and a good stretch of work-outs and increased volume, plus am racing another 5k this Saturday that I'd like to run as fast as possible for my current fitness level.

Anyhow, long story short it was of the nicest days we've had here in southeastern NC perhaps all year. The quintessential wow it feels like spring out chamber of commerce weather. And a few miles into the run I found myself laying down a 7:10/ mile. Ended up running 4 harder miles (for once I got going I just couldn't stop right?), and feeling a bit whooped afterwards. Not only physically, but mentally as well in lieu of my transgressions.

Then again, what does one run really matter?  Probably not a whole hell of a lot. Plus I'm not trying to peak for this race, and overall I'm pleased with where my training is. So I was able to let go of my minor folly rather quickly, and enjoy a short cool down walk on beach.

This morning I ran 3.5+ miles which included 5 x 150 in/ outs. Priming the pump for tomorrow's Lo-Tide race. Legs felt responsive, almost a bit scary so. Like most amateur athletes, I have my superstitions and believe in jinxes.

We shall see tomorrow. I've got a bunch of race bibs and T-shirts to distribute to some fellow coaches and kids. God I love race stuff!  A pile of crisp bibs, new race Ts, a plastic bag of safety pins.....
In less than 24 hours we all jump into the breach-