Friday, September 25, 2015

Recovering, moving on

Have been trying to thread the needle between recovering from my 30 mile mountain ultra, and getting into race shape for a 5K coming up the first Saturday in October. Plus just in a basic sense getting that lovin' feeling back when I lace up the running shoes and head out the door.

Such as today's run which consisted mainly of slower paced miles back on the water logged Carolina Beach State Park Trails. Taking in the sight of dozens of little sand crabs scurrying across the wooden bridges that traverse parts of the marsh land near the Cape Fear River. Digging the views, the moisture dripping off the trees, the smells that the woods take on after a good soaking rain.

Had a couple harder run/ work-outs the past week plus. Last Saturday morning fortuitously came upon some steep hills just east of Birmingham, AL, up from the hotel I was staying at. Knees kissing the chin total breath sapped out of the lungs suckers too. Mixed in a few thirty second burst of sub 5k pace running and a few in and out sprints towards the end of about a 5 mile run.

Monday at Cape Fear Flyers practice ran 7 400s with Owen and Zack. Grassy, meandering track my fellow coach Shawn had set up. Ran them all in about 1:25ish. Two minute rest cycle. Pleased how the two boys ran as well. Pushing themselves, encouraging each other. Been a great start too to the Cross Country season.

Then Wednesday before practice I ran a hard 1.5 miles at top end threshold pace, 6:17, and 6:08 pace mix of on and off road, and also last section into a pretty good early fall breeze. Added 2 fast 400s on the grass track, 1:13, 1:17. Legs tying up into wobbly pretzels the last 100 meters of each rep. Down on my knees gasping for air after. A bit later then some ditch/ hill circuits with the kids. Loving how even the young ones 6,7,8 years old are working and out there getting it.

Also getting back more into the ancillary work. Pushups, free weights, sit-ups, planks, some other core work that coach Amie had the kids doing Monday.

Ready for the fall season to unravel.