Monday, August 10, 2015

Out Here.

I think at times like now I get into a netherworld where I can crack up or break down. But for now no big sign posts of trouble on the horizon. Sometimes I feel like it's just as important to handle the running and all the mileage mentally and spiritually, as it is physically.  Perhaps in part because a good bit of the physical realm can be quantified, and understood on a cause and effect basis. The measure of man's soul by its very nature cannot be. Therein lie many, many mysteries.

Maybe I've hit a point where I've pushed though a lot of the doubts as to why I am doing what I am doing. Or perhaps a better of way of stating is that I don't seem to ask myself those questions quite as much. Do I know the answers deep down inside... and it's merely a matter of tapping into that part of the subconscious where such knowledge dwells?  Or is all mental trappings that interfere with what I seek to do physically?

Why is sometimes a fool's errand. Or a Pandora's box that goes much, much beyond running.  In the words of Nike, Just Do It. I chose this path, and am enjoying the journey.

As I've written before, the numbers are but a small part of the narrative. They serve as  communicative symbols which can be translated and understood by the vast majority of those who run. Even those who don't, can get a bit of an insight into the scope of the endeavor when presented with numbers. To the laymen, 75+ miles in a week comes across as a crazy amount of running.

Today I rest. Tomorrow god willing I run. Within such simplicity, new worlds begin to slowly emerge...