Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dancing in the Rain

Fighting thru a head cold, perhaps brought on in part by running. Nonetheless, I took yesterday off so was eager to get back at it this morning.

Within the first half mile I got that "man it's great to be out running" feeling. Just the simple act of running... legs churning, feet thwapping the ground,  heart rate elevating...  the sights, sounds of being outdoors and being in motion.

Maybe it's odd or funny that being forced if you will away from running for merely one day would conjure such a primal response.  Like tapping into a primitive state inside the body and mind.

Later back in the Carolina Beach State park I ran a few intervals at threshold pace. I thought I could ignore the humidity which bore down like an enormous wet sponge upon the island... but it claimed victory over tiny little me again. Hence I cut that part of the workout short after 2 1200s and 2 400s on the campground loop, as I watched the sky turn greyer and darker thru the tree tops.

As I ducked back onto the single track trail leading up and behind the Visitor's Center the sky opened up and threw torrents of rain upon the earth below. Which felt rather cooling to the touch, though I did have to continually wipe water out of my eyes. After a short while I reveled in splish splashing through all the puddles I came across, like a kid cut loose and free to roam about.

For every run is such a unique gift.