Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Days

About to head to Greensboro for the North Carolina USATF State track meet. We've got kids that I help coach participating in everything from the 100m, to 3000m, to the steeplechase... and all the field events. Should be a fun weekend. Blessed to be able to coach, and give back to the sport of running that I hold so dear. Great bunch of kids too...

Higher mileage the past two weeks. 81 miles last week, and 55 so far this week (Friday). Early morning runs to try and beat the heat and humidity. Two a days. Track practices. Drinking mucho fluids. Eating a lot.

Have caught site of some gorgeous sunrises the past few mornings, out over the marsh lands that stretch towards the Atlantic Ocean in Brunswick County. It's already very warm, and the humidity is draped over the landscape like a heavy, damp blanket. My shoes start to squish after 5, 6 miles since my socks are soaked through.

Went down to Ocean Isle Beach late yesterday afternoon and go some threshold running in. 4 x 1000m, pace averaging between 6:10- 6:15/ mile. Generous rest/ jog recovery of about 600m. Starting each new rep when the garmin beeps at the end of each successive mile. Hard in this heat though to get much more than just slogged out miles.

Ran a few miles with Peyton in the broiling sun Wednesday before practice. Talked to about that same thing, trying to get anything quality wise in during the teeth of this summer heat, and how hard that can be. He's ramping his miles back up after having some heart trouble. Itching to go...

I do sometimes catch myself questioning myself as to why I do all this. But then again maybe its the only good fight worth fighting for me. Or better yet, I don't know how to not do all of this at this particular point in my life. So I run on. And try and smile thru a bit of pain.