Saturday, May 2, 2015

Post HS 5K PR

Ran the Teacher Trot 5K at Ashley HS (Wilmington, NC) in 18:00.5. Which broke my post high school 5K PR set back in 2010.  ((( and one of my former HS teammates back in the early 90s said "great job... but 17 something would've looked even better!"  ))).  A sense of humor in this sport is indispensable.

Training for the most part has been going well. Lesser mileage in April but more intensity. Adding in threshold runs and speed work on a weekly basis. Plus trying to stay diligent with the ancillary work on my core, and upper body strength. Resistance exercises such as sit-ups, planks, push ups, along some free weight exercises like arm curls.

Coaching kids in track 2, 3 times a week. Mix of runs with them. Had the pleasure today of racing with two them, and got to witness both of them set PRs. Owen in 19:36, and Paxton in 21:34 (which were awesome times for a 12 year old and 12 year old girl... plus they love the sport and are having a lot of fun).

Got to also race with my Dad today. Not too shabby himself, winning the 70+ male division with a time of 26:34. It was the first run together we've had since my Mom and his wife passed away earlier in April. The fact that my Mom started her career as a teacher made this race all the more sweeter. The awards included apples on top.

Happy running all. I cannot fully articulate how much this little sport of ours has meant to me the past few weeks. Onward we go.