Monday, November 24, 2014

Hills. Thoughts. Atmosphere.

Hill repeats Saturday morning on Snow's Cut Bridge. Six of them at an average pace of 6:25- 6:30 per mile (at a length of about .35- .40 miles). Took the down parts easy this time. Trying mechanically to stay smooth and fluid... focused as well once the lactic acid starts to flood my legs about half way into each repeat. Running them all one at a time mentally. Breaking each one into sections... using the "lines" on the bridge partitions, or spray painted markings on the sidewalk.  Or metal attachments on the railings. Reminding myself each time to run thru the tape. Half way thru I started to recall something I had read in a magazine article... but just as quickly that train of thought evaporated.

During one of the latter reps I thought about the chocolate milk and cookies I consumed the night before... and nearly started to puke. So I mildly rebuked myself for lack of dietary control.

But sometimes it best not to think. And just run. Maybe that's why so many of us do this. There's enough thinking to be done in the other parts of our days.

Though there are runs where a particular situation lies in my mind in a certain fashion... but by the end of the run it has shifted noticeably to some other state. Usually for the better. Why...?

Monday and its warm, humid... quite breezy and almost tropical like for late fall. I headed back to state park woods after briefly debating running an 8 mile course down into Kure Beach. There's a bit of an electricity in the air... barely noticeable, but there. Those of us who are more in tune with mother nature tend to revel in such observations. Like later when I see my friend Jimmy at the beach watching the churned up ocean's waves... commenting on where it'll be best to surf. 

Run wise though I feel a little lethargic body wise... a bit heavy. So I discard the notion of running faster and instead settle into a comfortable mid eight minute mile pace. The woods are wet and some sections of the trails water logged. What a glorious day though to be out running.