Friday, November 21, 2014

Cold November

More cold weather running the past week. Even put on long pants a few days. Which may have caused me to trip over a metal wire that crosses one of the off road entrance points I use to run back into the CB State Park. I guess I didn't properly adjust the height of my jump to compensate for the extra weight and pull of said track pants. (sometimes as I approach I do think of my steps and timing the same way a hurdler counts steps between hurdles or a basketball player does approaching the hoop for a dunk).  Nevertheless I ended up with a nice little bloody gash on my left shin. 

Patti came down to Chappelle Park to be trained in speed work. I didn't tell her about the gash. But I did break off two 400s. The first in sub 1:20, and then a 1:25 to show her how its done. Complete with explanations of the changes in my breathing, and lactic acid build up in my legs.  Later my hip area was a little sore I think from trying to run too fast in the damn pants.

The previous Sunday I ran a 3+ mile tempo on Snow's Cut Bridge. Four times...or two complete trips over and back. Pleasantly surprised I put down 3.07 miles in under 20 minutes. Closed in a hi 5 pace. Dry heaved a bit on the second trip across near the top of the bridge (going into the wind). Three runners passed on the other side of the bridge which I think was part of an unofficial 55 mile ultra going on that day. We exchanged waves.  My friend Bert yelled to me from his van.

Put down 1:47 in run time Thursday morning. Inner island trails and then back to the state park trails. Ran out of the state park again, down along the Cape Fear river on the trails that eventually lead to Kure Beach. Have enjoyed re-discovering this area, but also cognizant of the fact that technically I'm trespassing and therefore I remain a little more alert to my surroundings. Last week I did hear men out working up towards where the town has its maintenance facilities... but I didn't get close enough for anyone to see me. Then again I'm not sure if they'd care.

Went back out again in the late afternoon after a core workout of sit-ups and planks. Cut down 4 miler on the inner island trails, with the last mile on Lake Park Blvd. Closed in a 6:16 mile... controlled harder pace. Felt good... had a decent amount of pop in my legs.

Met Brandon back at the state park today for an hour long run. Enjoying some of fall foliage that we do get around here. Me telling him about how beautiful it is in Pennsylvania for a few weeks in October. Him telling me about Asheville. Took him down and out of the state park as well (disclaimer: I did mention there was a very slight chance we could be arrested). He stopped out there and took a leak while we were discussing Jason Avant being cut by the Panthers.

And so it goes.