Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting the itch back

Read a quote in a book I just got called Duel in the Sun, "No one made a cent from their strenuous efforts. The running life, like the spiritual life, was it's own reward." 

Ran 6.5 miles yesterday. Gray, overcast day. Cooler, in the 60s. Sometimes the dull beauty of such days is striking, especially as I ran thru the woods in the state park. The greyness stretches to all sides of the horizon; there is no hole to escape thru into the sunshine. So you embrace, and learn to appreciate. The moisture from the past few day's rains lingers in the air and on the leaves and branches. The aesthetics envelope me...I could seemingly run on forever.

Talking about upcoming races this fall with Brandon at work. He ran some fartleks Monday. I start to think about 400s and threshold runs... and lining up for autumn 5ks.

The legs are coming back around again after their epic 50 mile jaunt at Iron Mountain. I wear the t-shirt with pride. But I'm ready for what's next. Ready to get back at it full bore and with abandon. Ready for new challenges and new goals. Ready to learn more about myself and the world around me.