Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sickness, the Sun and Dragonflies

The liner notes to Jane's Addiction's album Ritual de lo Habitual contain a sentence that some 20 years later I have never forgotten. "Sometimes in order to realize you are well, someone or something has to come along and hurt you."  A quick invading stomach bug was the something that hurt me Tuesday... perhaps brought on by the exhaustion of running and travelling the past 2 weeks.

But later in the evening I was feeling a little better and was able to hold down solid food. Went over to the beach for a little bit and on the walk back home was captivated by the massive orange fuzzy ball of the sun setting to the west. My first thought was I have to go for a run

Just a short run, but a run nonetheless. Again captivated or almost mesmerized by the magnitude of this enormous orange circle that was kind of fuzzed over at the edges as seen thru the late day haze...slowly dropping into the tree tops and woods on the back side of the island.

And as I would move into vantage points that would obstruct more of the sun I noticed countless dragonflies filling the skies. They appeared to have come out of nowhere and were flying haphazardly all about. Fortunately they seemed to have no interest in humans. Maybe all the rain this summer has brought them all out?  Nonetheless it was such a curious and mystical site to see... and to be running through.

Run lasted 20 minutes and in that time space the sun safely slid below the tree lined horizon to the west. Was some of the best 20 minutes of running I've had in good while.