Wednesday, August 20, 2014

11 days

Until the Iron Mountain 50 mile trail race. Looking at elevation profile maps and aid station lists on their website. Cut off times. Names that conjure a mythical, dark romantic lore about them... Skull's Gap... Hurricane Gap...Rowland Creek Falls.  Making hotel reservations and travel plans. Thinking about what I might put in my drop bag. Counting down the days.

Getting in a few more harder threshold runs. 5 on Sunday in 36 minutes and 10 on Sunday in a buck sixteen in oppressive heat and humidity down in Brunswick County. Ancillary work almost daily. Pushups, free weight. Sit ups, planks. Lunges.

Telling myself to finish the deal.

Tapering. Easy 4 mile run today. On the inner island dirt roads... somewhat overgrown late summer look of higher grass and overgrown weeds. Brief recollections of harder runs done here much earlier in the year. Today...smelling the roses. Soaking it in. Enjoying the act of running in its most basic simplicity. Being outdoors. Healthy (though I'm slightly concerned about some low level pain on the outside/ bottom of right foot- initially bruised on a rocky trail way up the Blue Mtn in PA).

Eating a lot. Fresh fruits. Reminding myself to get pistachios like Michael suggested. Conversations with those who wish me well.

Trying to silence any doubts. Enjoying the journey.