Wednesday, April 30, 2014

30 April 2014

Found a speaker I can hook my iPod into. I like to listen to music, especially hard rock or metal when I do a core workout. Today it was Metallica’s “And Justice for All”.  Did 5 sets of planks at 45 to-50 seconds per pose, followed by 135 sit-ups. (broken into 2 sets: 110, 25), Have been trying to stay diligent and consistent with my ancillary work… core, and strength/ upper body 2xs each per week. Plus the myrtle routine after most runs. Want to also add lunges (without weight) at some point after Sunday’s half marathon.  I was never one to stick with all this extra stuff separate from running, or I would for a few weeks or maybe say 2 months and gradually fall away from it. But I’m not only noticing slight changes in physique, but more importantly small changes running wise, such as being a bit stronger on longer runs, and a bit more mechanically fluid when I’m running faster. Also it serves the body in allowing one to run more mileage without (knock on wood) getting injured.

5.5 miles earlier today n the humidity of late morning. Inner island road loop that I’ve modified to loop around another drainage pond and not be quite so out and back. Plus now I like to see if the gator is out at the one pond… wasn’t today. Cut pace down to 6:20ish last quarter to half mile on Lake Park road. Overall hi 7s pace, wanted to push a little but not too much.

Talking to Natasha about Iron Mountain the last few days, registration opens on June1. Stoked for the challenge of doing the 50 miler this year. She’s going to bump up from the 16 to the 30 miler that I ran last Labor Day weekend. Iron Mountain or bust. Would like to document more my training for it. Last year was such an incredible experience, from the comraderie of the participants, to the sheer beauty of the wilderness trails scissoring on top of and up and down the mountain range in southwestern Virginia. And Alex with his cowbell in the woods. Paul’s 12 year old son cheering us all on.