Wednesday, April 30, 2014

21 April 2014

Solid 10 mile cutdown run today. 1:11+ in fairly windy conditions. At first my legs felt non responsive, a bit heavy… but after a half mile or so they loosened up. By mile 5 I was churning out sub seven minute miles with moderate effort, not killing myself… but sort of a steady work man like gliding. Hit the wind miles 6 and 7 headed up Canal Drive towards the North End of Carolina Beach; registered one mile a little over 7. But the way back I even pulled back a quarter to a half gear as I ended with a 6:41 mile. Thought about the Boston Marathon only once or twice; had a message from a friend when I woke up about Shalane Flanangan in front and how she was a UNC grad. Told him I had seen her up in PA two falls ago at races (Runner’s World Festival in Bethlehem).

Trying to get back to writing this blog and writing in general. Of course what else should I predominately write about than running. Perhaps I should try my hand at some non fiction running type stuff, a.l.a The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner,  Maybe I need some more education (like Neal Cassaday coming to Kerouac and Ginsburg, asking them to teach him how to write). But its more a matter of dedication and inspiration. Though a little education never hurts.

Being able to get onto paper or translate from experience to words such things like yesterday’s runs the sound of frogs all croaking/ singing in the state park making one loud eerie beautiful cascading din... that wafted out the dark, murky swamps... thru the trees.... and into the dreary late morning fog. (when I first heard this noise I had no idea what it was). Or the look some deer gave me as I ran down one of the wooded trails… for a few seconds it just stood and watched me… as I watched it… from maybe 20 feet away… til it turned and bounded effortlessly thru the forest… and I then ran on.
Being a part of people’s’ lives, people I’m blessed to call friends… who get into running and maybe ask me questions, or tell me about their latest run… or ask about some race they want to register for. How for those fleeting moments and I can give back to the sport that has given so much to me. I can root them onward, upward…