Sunday, February 14, 2016

Capping the week

Headed out on the trails
Wrapped up a 57 mile week this weekend with some runs in the Carolina Beach State Park.  Highest weekly mileage total since last August, when I was training for the Iron Mountain 30 mile ultra. Did some calculations year to date: Averaging 6.18 miles/ day. 43.2 miles / week. Which is about right where I wanted to be heading into 2016. (And per my previous blog, at this rate I would end up with 2,254 miles for the year). Ah the numbers-

Friday ran a couple harder miles, at least effort wise on the soppy trails, and in damp, windy conditions. Legs were feeling the fatigue of all the hilly miles in Pennsylvania earlier in the week, plus the 580 mile drive back on Thursday. But I always enjoy being back in the state park on such days since usually there is hardly anyone else there. And the vegetation has more of a primal, earthy look and smell to it when wet.

Saturday morning met up with some of my fellow Flyers coaches, and a few of the kids and parents. Was a cold, crisp morning with temperatures below freezing coupled with a piercing, icy wind which kicked up near the end of our hour ramble in the woods. Always look forward to getting together with most of the usual Saturday morning gang for a run.

Topped of the week running 8 miles with Amie Sunday. Part of which we ran on the roads, but the bulk of the run was done back in the State Park. Quite frigid again, and even windier than Saturday. Swampy parts of the park, and spots where this is still standing water was all iced over, something one doesn't see too often around here.

Have been experiencing a little pain above my inner ankle on right leg. Even iced it a few times Friday, and have also found that some light stretching in what looks like some kind of yoga pose (right leg straight, with back leg flailed out, and I reach down towards planted foot with right arm, while holding left arm out for balance) has helped. Hoping its just a minor "hot spot", as knock on wood I have been running fairly pain free in 2016.

Getting the 'ol rumble in the belly excitement for some upcoming races, first of which will be this Saturday, the Run for Ray 9 mile trail race in Brunswick Nature Park. A few of our Flyers kids raced Saturday afternoon, a 5k in Carolina Beach as did coach Amie. And we continue to prepare for the upcoming Track & Field season.

Run on my friends-