Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Back on the Track

It felt good to step back on the track last night at the first Cape Fear Flyers Club practice. The familiar sight of hurdles, the long jump pit, lane markings... conjure scatter-shot memories, slightly blurred from the passage of time. Yesterdays long gone, reaching all the way back to grade school and those joyous, care-free times spent running Booster Club Track in my home state of Pennsylvania.

The smiling, eager kids buzzing around the track at break neck speeds. Slow down we think and say, the 800 meters is much, much longer than a thirty second burst of unadulterated adrenaline. Ahh, no worries, they'll eventually learn. We did.

The kids forge friendships and perhaps make new rivalries. It's their turn to make memories. The smell of the infield grass and rubberized track, the sound of a coaches whistles, and the steady voices of those counting off lap times. We all share in such a colorful, swirling amoeba-like environment that touches all the senses. Everything is just perfect in our own little corner of paradise.


Spent the weekend down in the country-side of Brunswick County. Did a lactate threshold run Friday evening. Started with a three mile warm-up to get the legs going and the wind pipes clear. Followed by 3 miles close to threshold pace, which split wise came out at 6:20, 6:21, 6:11. Pleased with the effort. Controlled, yet fairly hard. Solid work.

Ran a few miles Easter morning with my Dad. Then put down another 8 solo. Did six, one minute fast bursts at the beginning of each mile, at or below 5k pace.

Ended the week with 70 miles. Legs pleasantly thrashed out. Me hungry, and eating a lot of food. Planning a cut back week mileage wise this week.

The show goes on.