Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Giving Back

Was fortunate last night to meet Ronald Kurui, past member of the Kenyan national XC team. He was invited by the Cape Fear Flyers Club to speak at a pre-season parents, kids, and coaches meeting. Mr. Kurui talked about sacrifice, unity, and the goal that societies should have to continue to make the world a better place for each successive generation.

Just to be in the same room as a 3:56 miler, and 2:13 marathoner, is a thrill in of itself. But to be inspired to strive to give back more to the sport I (and we) love, is icing on the cake.

Sunday I was blessed to volunteer at the 6th annual Wrightsville Beach half and full marathons. I always gain such a deep appreciation for running, by watching fellow athletes endeavor to reach their goals. Goals that perhaps six months, or a year or two ago seemed implausible. The myriad of emotions painted on their weathered faces tell a thousand stories...which all hopefully climax at the same destination...the finish line.

And on a humorous note, later in the event my co-volunteer directing traffic was complaining of leg and lower back pain. Two runners came up from behind her and were incredulous to hear any of us non-participants...at mile 24... fussing about any discomfort! Though they were laughing about it at the time, and perhaps such a moment of light-hearted levity carried them through to their respective finishes.

It's truly a miracle some days to be a part of all this. Keep on running my friends.